Roadies in Recovery

Roadies in Recovery is our ethos of By Roadies, For Roadies in action. It is a virtual 12-step meeting, facilitated and attended by entertainment professionals. While the space is open to our film & television counterparts, it is solely for entertainment crew. With three weekly meetings with times that are accessible to folks all around the world, this is support you can rely on to be a safe space for you to share. It is everything you’ve come to expect from the meetings you attend at home, except you can join from your bunk.

Best thing to happen to me ever. Found sobriety and fellowship through RIR 

Three meetings, one hosted from the UK and the other two from the US, filled with people who have struggled and picked themselves back up. Each one proving that you can maintain your sobriety while continuing to pursue your passion in touring. If this sounds like something you could use in your life, check out a meeting. Remember – crew only, please!



Mondays – 10:00 am PST
Wednesdays – 1:00pm PST
Fridays – 5:00pm PST

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