Choose Your Attitude™ is a community that champions the belief that attitude is a choice within everyone’s grasp in the many challenges we face through life. Spurred by a series of unfortunate occurrences, Nicholas Strand, founder of Choose Your Attitude™, was inspired by his late wife’s perspective on the gift of choice we are given daily, allowing us to shape our experiences to create a life we seek no matter the circumstances. Realizing the need for this mindset shift, Strand launched the Choose Your Attitude™ platform as a proactive way to inspire and empower others to focus on what is within their control and use it to help them achieve the life they dream. Coincidentally, Strand is a long-time roadie veteran, and a friend we met through the Live Events Life Up Festival that took place in December of 2020.  He has since committed to donating a portion of his sales through his website to our cause.  This entire mission is truly the gift that keeps on giving.