Sennheiser discovered The Roadie Clinic back in late 2019 through the efforts of PAMA - the Professional Audio Manufacturers Alliance. Since then, they have gone above and beyond financially for the cause, but even more exciting?? TRC was honored to have a crew come out and shoot an episode for their Pro Talk Series, and the story will be debuting in Season 4!
Hope for the Day
Hope for the Day is a nonprofit movement empowering the conversation on proactive suicide prevention and mental health education. With deep roots in the music industry, touring with the Warped Tours, their 90-minute interactive education series can truly help bridge the gap of understanding and action within touring.
Optimized Touring
Optimized Touring consists of a team of Integrative Health Coaches providing a range of personalized health and wellness services for the music community. The Touring Community Wellness Guide is a FREE guide for all of those things focused on those of us living on the road. Download your copy today!
Mako Medical
Our largest donor to-date, Mako Medical and their partner company, MakoRx, are working to better the touring community through a telemedicine + discounted pharmacy supplement. Launching soon, this will be game-changing for the industry.
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"The Roadie Clinic was a natural fit for us; roadies and clinical lab professionals are surprisingly similar. Roadies tirelessly do all of the dirty work behind the scenes with little to no fanfare because the show must go on, whereas in the lab world of medicine, we do the work behind the scenes that leads to 75-80% of the diagnosis and treatment of disease, equally with little to no fanfare. At Mako, we have always believed in supporting amazing causes and that our faith leads us in the right direction…COVID brought us together from two completely different worlds to be transformative now and in the future… “The ones who are crazy enough to think that they can change the world are the ones who do!”

-Steve Hoover, VP of Operations, Mako Medical

At Sennheiser, we’re proud to be part of the professional audio community. When we learned of The Roadie Clinic’s mission, we knew we could make an even bigger difference to our community together. Personally, I’m humbled to be aligned with Courtney & Paul and the tremendous service they provide our community.

-Greg Beebe, Director of Professional Audio, Sennheiser

For decades, the people of professional production have gone above and beyond with their work, yet there's often been little in the way of a "safety net" to support them in times of physical, spiritual, and financial need. That’s why The Roadie Clinic is so vital – finally, there’s a place for them to turn to get the support that’s essential in helping them recover and find a healthier balance in their lives. And the best part is that it’s a service created by production people to meet the specific issues of production people.”

-Keith Clark – Editor-in-Chief, ProSoundWeb

MakoRx is honored to work in partnership with the Roadie Clinic to provide affordable and convenient healthcare services to the frontline workers of the music industry that need it most. The Roadie Clinic’s tireless efforts to bring awareness for all the needs of this group has been eye opening and inspiring.

-Vinay Patel, Pharm.D. – Founder, MakoRx


Healthy road life.
Healthy home life.

We exist to empower + heal roadies and their families by providing services + resources tailored to the struggles of the touring lifestyle.


A home for roadies
off the road.

Our three-story, multi-faceted space will offer therapy, education, advocacy, financial guidance, recovery resources and temporary housing when available. It is our goal that, through donations and partnerships, we will be able to offer our services at no cost to roadies.