Optimized Touring takes the idea that road crew should ‘just suck it up’ and tosses it clear out the window. After a successful, decade-long run in management, founder Ethan Schiff found himself yearning for a radical change for his health (dropping an impressive 130 lbs in the process).

Using this shift as an opportunity to become a certified Integrative Health Coach, Ethan formed Optimized Touring with the idea of providing a healthier work environment for all involved. Their packages are scalable to tour budgets and needs but can cover nutrition, movement, stress, and sleep & mindset.

The Roadie Clinic and Optimized Touring have partnered to bring OT’s services to last year’s Blue Ridge Festival and continue to connect each other in ways that serve touring acts.  They also offer, free of charge, The Touring Community Wellness Guide to anybody who lives on the road.