Precision engineered and hand assembled, Earthworks microphones represent the pinnacle of technology and art in microphone design. Each microphone is hand-tuned and tested to ensure the purest and most realistic capture of your sound, be it live on stage, recording in the studio or out in the field. Their microphones are able to capture and reproduce a soundstage so deep and wide that if you close your eyes you can “see” the music in front of you. Microphones that present transients so smooth you can feel the rosin on the bow as it plays across the violin.

VP of Sales, Mike Dias, is the link that binds The Roadie Clinic + Earthworks. Dias has been the biggest cheerleader of our mission, constantly making himself available to process ideas.  He’s a networking expert, and has educated leadership within TRC on how to approach influencers within the industry.  Earthworks has put their trust in co-founder Paul Klimson with new product launches, product testing and the like, and they’ve been generous donors to the cause.