Shaping the future of the audio world and creating unique sound experiences for customers – this is the mission that unites the Sennheiser Group. As a third-generation family-run business, they are equally proud of their 75-year history of audio innovations as they are of their ambition to shape its future.

Sennheiser is no stranger to The Roadie Clinic. While the Klimsons’ have relied on their equipment for the majority of their careers, the relationship became personal when they were introduced to PAMA (Professional Audio Manufacturers Alliance). Through PAMA, TRC was introduced to Greg Beebe of Sennheiser. Beebe has since been responsible for giving us multiple platforms to share our story as The Roadie Clinic and raise awareness for so many roadies over the pandemic. Sennheiser continues to be an incredible benefactor to the cause and understands the delicate dance between manufacturer, crew member + artist.

At Sennheiser, we’re proud to be part of the professional audio community. When we learned of The Clinic’s mission, we know we could make an even bigger difference to our community together. Personally, I’m humbled to be aligned with Courtney & Paul and the tremendous service they provide our community.
-Greg Beebe, Director of Professional Audio, Sennheiser