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Our primary focus will always be on the individual roadie + their families, but we also know that sometimes the entire tour could use help.  Some of these opportunities can be presented virtually, while others are recommended in person.  If you were hoping for something that you don’t see, reach out and we’ll see if we can build a new resource together!

Group Education Opportunities

In building our network, one of the bonus benefits was discovering specific training materials that are already successfully in use around the country.  The final curriculum for sexual harassment will be instructed by both a vetted TRC representative and an employment lawyer.  Whatever the subject, let us help you educate your team!

Hope for the Day: Things We Don’t Say – an interactive, educational conversation about suicide prevention and mental health education in partnership with Hope for the Day. And yes – many bands and industry-based orgs utilize this education for their crew and teams!

TEMPO: Training + Empowering Musicians to Prevent Overdose – In partnership with TEMPO, this includes a 20-minute training on signs of overdose and what to do if you find yourself in that situation.  Includes a box of Naloxone to carry on tour.
Mental Health First Aider training is offered monthly, virtually, and taught by entertainment industry professionals. $125, 2-hours of self-paced online courses followed by a 6-hour virtual live instructor-led session.

I’m super thankful for the work you’re doing, it’s inspired our crew here to be more aware of their physical and mental health onsite and even get a few of us certified in mental health first aid. I cannot tell you how much even the littlest changes and awareness has been helping.

Wellness Kits + Care Packages

Commit to designating a green room in each venue for crew only.  Initially created in partnership with Five Senses Reeling touring, the kit offering includes soft mood lighting, speaker, hot tea kettle, teas, honey, yoga mats, set of stretching bands, antibacterial wipes, books on wellness, essential oils, essential oil diffuser, hydration tools like water supplements, and resources posted daily for recovery meetings and other important crew resources.

This has been such an appreciated and needed space. We appreciate it so much and are trying to savor every minute we get in there. ❤️ 


Our care packages can be customized in any way.  We’ve done care packages for crews at festivals, in long-term one-off gigs, and short tours.  For festivals, we made sure to address all of the natural elements that could impact the crew, from sun (sunscreen + aloe), rain (poncho), and even cold temps (warm socks, chapstick, hydrating hand masks).  Who doesn’t love a little gift waiting for them at the hotel or on the first day of the gig?  Let us help you spread the love!

Standards of Conduct

This was one of the first tasks we tackled once TRC was formed. We connected with HR professionals to guide us in building a Standard of Conduct for The Roadie Clinic staff. Seem too corporate? Maybe, but we promise it’s worth it. This document can set the tone for your entire team, ensuring that everybody starts a gig with the same basic understanding of expectations for both work ethic and behavior. This only further aids in creating a healthy work environment for the whole crew. This document can be tailored specifically to your tour.  Let us help you set some boundaries and expectations! 

Crew Hotline

Partner with us as your third-party vendor for your crew to safely air grievances and make a plan to address issues with management. While our long-term plan is to have this active 24 hours a day, for now, we’ll work on logistics with your tour to ensure that all calls are answered or responded to within 24 hours.  Let us help you take care of your crew and make sure they are heard!

It means more than you know to have a support system like you guys and I could not have gotten through this in my head without you.

Family Care

We are here for the spouses, partners, children, and parents as well.  The families left at home are just as significant to us as the person on the road.  Still in development, this work is centered around communication and networking. Sometimes a spouse simply needs to talk to another spouse in the same circumstance. Sometimes kids want to know there are others like them out there.  And to share that experience with somebody on the same tour is invaluable. 

We’re working on plans to start a roadie kids pen-pal system. The ultimate dream – to build a Roadie Kids Camp near our flagship location, allowing for a safe overnight experience with like-minded kids. For now, let us help make those families more visible and show them how much you truly care!

You guys have been the perfect way to make my wife understand everything that I’m going through without saying a single word. Thank you 🙏🏼


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